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ZMC Window Covering Inc. 40 Gaudaur Rd, Unit #3 Woodbridge, ON L4L 4S6 Tel: (905) 856 3838 Fax: (905) 856 3388 Fax: 1 800 561 0654
Robert Douglas NE USA Sales Representative Tel: 734-635-3022 Email: [email protected] Linden Goodman SEW USA Sales Representative Tel: 412-352-6663 Email: [email protected]
John Sullivan Western USA Sales Representative Tel: 877-331-4924 Email: [email protected] Tyrone Oliver Canadian Sales Representative Tel: 647-539-4659 Email: [email protected]
Michael Camilleri Canadian Sales Representative Tel: 416-704-2086 Email: [email protected] Kamal Singh Customer Service Supervisor Tel: (905) 856-3838 ext.230 Email: [email protected]
Brenda Xie Customer Service Representative Tel: (905) 856-3838 ext.236 Email: [email protected] Manisha Shah Customer Service Representative Tel: (905) 856-3838 ext.284 Email: [email protected] 
Hannah Matterig Customer Service Representative Tel: (905) 856-3838 ext.269 Email: [email protected]  

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